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Brain injury


An acquired brain injury can be caused by degenerative and metabolic disorders, strokes, tumours, or infection. Even though the origins are so diverse, all forms of brain injury can have a massive impact on your life. Movement, balance, speech, memory, attention span, and personality can all be impaired permanently, all as a result of one accident.

Adjusting to your new limitations can be extremely difficult and put a strain on your relationships as well as your work life. A brain injury is exceptionally serious, and so it is important to get the support you need through claims compensation. With a combination of legal and medical services, you will be able to get your life back on track.

Our experience

We generally pursue claims on behalf of people who have brain injury caused by anoxia (no oxygen) or hypoxia (reduced oxygen) either at birth or during surgery, or as a result of traumatic brain injury when the person’s head has been struck by an object or has been moved violently, as in whiplash injuries.

We pride ourselves in understanding brain injury. We have undergone extensive training so that we understand the working of the brain and we also understand the wide range of disabilities that can be caused by brain injury.

Our experience in acting for clients with brain injury over many years means that we know how to deal with you. For example, we know that we must speak clearly in order to be understood by some clients. We know that we sometimes need to remind you about appointments. We know that uncoordinated movements and slurred speech does not mean that you are drunk. We will give you time to organise your words if you need that time.

Recognising effects of brain injury

Injury to the brain can have a very wide range of effects. We use our brains in just about everything we do. If you have had a brain injury, you may have physical problems. You may have cognitive problems (thinking, remembering, speaking etc).

How we can help you
  • Free initial consultation. This will often be with your family members when you are very ill indeed – perhaps on intensive care. It is a worrying time for them. We have a very caring team and we are widely networked, so we can point your family in the right direction when they are looking to discharge you from hospital.
  • We can provide a home or hospital visit.
  • We will not rush you. We will take you as you are and we will take you through the litigation process with compassion and in a professional manner.
  • We can put you or your family in touch with specialist charities, therapists, education services and medical practitioners.
  • We have a large database of medical experts who prepare medical reports for us. We have an incredibly useful network of contacts who can advise you on treatment and equipment.
  • We can arrange funding for the legal costs of your claim. We can offer a no win/no fee agreement if necessary.
  • When liability has been admitted in your case, we will seek to obtain an interim payment for you. We will try to get to this point as fast as possible, as we know how crucial it is.
  • We are recognised as successful lawyers. We win our cases, even when the odds appear stacked against us.
  • We use specialist barristers, who are tough on our opponents but kind to our clients.
  • We are used to acting on multi-million pound claims. They do not scare us.
  • We have extensive experience in dealing with catastrophic injury cases. We do not just do brain injury cases. We act for clients with spinal cord injury, amputees, serious orthopaedic injuries and all sorts of medical and surgical negligence. We also act for clients with mental health problems. We can represent you with your particular and individual needs and problems.
  • We can offer you every service you need from a solicitor. Once you have compensation awarded, we are able to represent you with the Court of Protection if you are unable to manage your own affairs. We can supply employment law advice if you are intending to recruit a professional carer or support worker. We can advise you or your family on a Will. We can and do purchase accommodation and adapt it to reflect your needs. We can advise you on disability discrimination legislation, to enable you to return to work if that is a possibility.
  • We believe that we are a safe pair of hands and we are here to help.