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Clinical Negligence


Not everybody is happy with their healthcare. Advice from clinical negligence solicitors who are not only versed in the relevant law, but who also understand medical and social service practice and what options you have, may save you a lot of trouble.

What level of care should I expect?

Healthcare is governed by a huge range of legislation and regulation. It is a veritable minefield for both professionals and patients. There are rules about the level of service you can expect and rules about who must fund the care or treatment you need.

Has something gone wrong?

It may be that something has gone wrong through some form of medical malpractice and you seek some form of redress. It may be that you are worried that things are going wrong and you want to sort matters out before any damage is done.

How we can help
  • We handle a wide variety of cases for victims of medical accidents and clinical negligence. We bring clinical negligence claims against hospitals, doctors in private practice, dentists and the entire range of alternative medicine practitioners.
  • Our clients are adults and children who have received treatment, which has either not produced the expected result or which has made their condition worse. We can provide advice and assistance with the hospital complaints procedure and with the post-mortem and inquest process.
  • We also provide an advocacy service for people who are dissatisfied with the service they are receiving from the NHS, from social services or long term care homes.
  • We have particular expertise in the fields of obstetrics, gynaecology and currently handle several clinical negligence claims for children with cerebral palsy related to sub-standard care at birth.