The South's Most Innovative Companies

14 August 2017

Research commissioned by Barlow Robbins has identified the south's most innovative companies; the businesses which are setting new benchmarks, not just in terms of technology and product/service offering, but in setting standards in terms of delivery, human capital management, working practices, sustainability and market reach.

We will be appraising their national/international significance or context and the issues they address to maintain their competitive advantage.

Each fortnight leading up to publication of the report, the latest thought-provoking interview with a director of one of the companies to be included will be available here for you to download.

Craley Group

Craley Group delivers infrastructure technology whilst saving time, money and demands on the environment. It began with a basic concept of delivering cable to domestic properties without having to dig up the garden. The organisation's Chief Executive Officer, Andy Harris talks about the ways in which his firm are innovative here.


Stanhope-Seta designs and manufactures test equipment and quality control instruments which are mostly used in the oil industry. Organisation Director, Giles Verity discusses the various ways in which the organisation are branching out and innovating here.

MR Solutions

MR Solutions is the only British manufacturer of MRI scanners and one of only a few in the western world. It is a world leader in MRI technology alongside a developer and manufacturer of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), benchtop MRI systems. Founder and CEO, David Taylor talks about the innovation taking place within his organisation here.