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  • Indemnity Policy - Absence of Easement

    12 January 2015

    A short guide to Absence of Easement - an indemnity policy suitable for when you have no express right to use the roads and paths which provide access to the property and/or the service pipes, wires and cables which connect to the property (including the right to repair and maintain them).…

  • Holiday pay

    24 November 2014

    The latest extension to, or at least clarification of, the definition of holiday pay for the purposes of the UK …

  • Brand Protection - A Good Idea?

    21 November 2014

    With any business venture or creative project, you need to have some awareness of your intellectual property rights. Intellectual property exists in creations of the mind, such as inventions, designs, artistic works, images and brand names. On a very basic level, intellectual property rights confer protection to some of these ideas, although often you need to take positive action to secure that protection.…