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Advice for those living abroad

Many expatriates living overseas imagine that they cannot get a divorce in the UK if they do not live there. This is not so. Expats originally from England or Wales, but living overseas, can usually get a divorce through the English courts, just as quickly and easily as if they were living there.

What we can do for you.

Divorce or separation causes many of the same problems wherever you live, but as an expat you will face added complications. For example, if an Expat wants to get a divorce while they are living in Dubai, in the UAE, a Muslim country, specialist legal knowledge of the overlap between the jurisdictions is essential.

Where problems can occur, is in the negotiation of a financial settlement or the arrangements for the children. We can help with thinking around these problems. This can lead to a speedy (and cheaper) resolution of the issues associated with separation and divorce whilst being overseas. What you do not need is an extended legal battle about the children or money going on in the English courts requiring your attendance at hearings in England. We can help you avoid this.

Obtaining good legal advice at an early stage is often an advantage. We can quickly provide you with realistic and comprehensive costs advice, allowing you to find out where you stand and make your plans accordingly.

Our experience.

Our expatriate divorce lawyers have experience working with expats in a wide range of countries; from Abu Dhabi to Australia and Canada to China. If you would like advice based upon your individual circumstance please contact us.

Candida Purser and Helen Habershon head the expatriate divorce team. Candida has lived and worked overseas in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an English law firm and thereafter run her own legal practice in England advising expatriates throughout the world in matters involving Family Law. She has accumulated many years of experience and expert local knowledge. Helen was on the Child Abduction panel while working for a niche international family law practice in London.

Our team.

The whole team has considerable experience in cross-border divorce, dealing with the financial claims that can arise from a separation, resolving the issues for children and the most suitable jurisdiction where proceedings can be conducted, if there is a choice. Other members of the team as well as Candida have previously been expatriates themselves, this helps us to better understand the needs of our clients.

How much is Divorce as an Expatriate likely to cost?

The divorce process itself can be handled remotely, documents can be signed on your behalf or couriered to you and you will not need to come to Court in England. Our fees for helping you with this process would be in the region of £1500 (at present no VAT is payable if you live overseas) and includes the charges made by the courts of £410. There will be additional costs in relation to dealing with the finances and children matters based on an hourly rate.