Cerebral Palsy and Strep B Case Study

04 September 2018

MR’s mother was a carrier of Strep B (a bacterial infection) and sadly passed this to MR at the time of her birth. Although the mother was treated with antibiotics the paediatric staff failed to treat MR and she developed Meningitis. She was then diagnosed with four limb involvement Cerebral Palsy with global development delay and is severely disabled.

We successfully secured an admission of liability, which is unusual in these type of cases as they are known to be particularly difficult. We then obtained a £500,000 interim payment which went towards renting a suitable property for the family to look after MR. We enlisted a set of carers and therapists and then issued proceedings and obtained Judgment against the Defendant. Numerous experts were instructed to deal with the various heads of claim and a substantial Schedule of Special Damages was served. A Legal Aid Certificate was obtained to assist with funding. Further interim payments were made for continuing therapies and care. The case was eventually settled through negotiation prior to Trial and was approved thereafter by the Court.

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By Caroline Flashman