Cerebral Palsy due to Clinical Negligence

27 October 2017

B’s mother was expecting her first baby. Labour progressed routinely and she went into hospital. Suddenly, there was a panic. B was delivered in a very poor condition and had to be resuscitated.

B’s mum lost a huge amount of blood and had to be taken into the operating theatre to save her life. She had suffered from a placental abruption, which is a real medical emergency.

Fortunately both mother and baby survived – but B had suffered loss of oxygen to his brain and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

When we investigated what had happened it turned out that the medical team had ignored clues about what was happening until too late. If they had acted sooner, B could have been born earlier and would, more likely than not, have avoided all his disabilities.

B was awarded compensation of a lump sum which was used to purchase and equip a ‘home for life’ with wheelchair access, room for carers and ceiling tracks for hoists, plus annual payments to cover the cost of employing support workers, and buying wheelchairs and a special vehicle.

"This was a good result, mainly due to Barlow Robbins’ hard work. I have nothing but praise in the way that Barlow Robbins handled the case throughout." Comment from Counsel following the settlement

By Helen Goatley

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