​Compensation following root canal treatment

15 September 2014

Our client underwent root canal treatment in September 2011. However, she subsequently suffered from a lot of pain in the area the root canal treatment took place. Eventually the pain became so bad that our client decided to go and seek a second opinion from another dentist.

The new dentist took an x-ray and could see from the x-ray that there was something inside the tooth. The tooth was removed and the dentist broke it in half and found a small shard of metal inside. It appeared that this was likely to be from a file or similar instrument and had been left inside the tooth from the root canal. We obtained independent expert evidence and the root canal procedure itself was found to be substandard. As a result of the substandard care, our client acquired an infection and had to have her tooth removed.

Liability was denied by the Defendant throughout the case, but Barlow Robbins were able to obtain compensation for the client in the sum of £7,500.00.

Our comments

This case was complicated by the fact that the radiology did not clearly show the small shard of metal inside the tooth. We also had difficulties obtaining a statement from the dentist who found the shard when he removed the tooth. However, we were nevertheless able to secure a settlement.

Client’s comments

Our client was very happy with the result – the offer was “more than expected” and we provided “a very good service, both over the phone and face to face”.