Complex Injuries Arising From Bridge Removal

01 December 2017

We acted for a lady who suffered negligent treatment by her dentist during a bridge removal procedure. Our client suffered a very painful and traumatic experience when the dentist used inappropriate equipment and unreasonable force, which left her with injuries to her head, neck and mouth. The method and force with which dental instruments were used were in dispute throughout the claim. We required evidence from dental experts to establish breach of duty and experts in two other medical disciplines due to the range and complexity of physical injuries. The claim was defended by the Dental Defence Union and court proceedings were issued. Experts from all three disciplines met and had joint discussion but were unable to reach agreement. The defendant denied liability throughout. This case ultimately rested on whose factual evidence was believed by the court and after over five years since its inception, the matter settled just before trial in our client’s favour.

By Natalie Hirst

"My case was not easy and Natalie in particular went to great lengths to get justice which actually meant more than the compensation. I was very happy with the professional service and the care shown to me"