How do I get help after suffering an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)?

21 May 2019

If you or a member of your family have sustained a brain injury following an accident or through clinical negligence your next step is to contract a specialist personal injury law firm who will assist you in taking legal action to claim compensation

It is important to get advice from a solicitor specialising in these types of cases and who has the relevant contacts to get you the right help. This must be done as soon as possible as there are strict time limits on taking legal action. This means that court proceedings must be issued within 3 years of you first being aware that you have suffered an injury. In some cases, a court may decide to extend a time limit, depending on the circumstances of the case. We are experienced solicitors who will provide you with an initial free consultation and advice with regards to bringing a claim, with no obligations.

If you decide to choose Barlow Robbins to represent you we will tailor your case according to your specific needs. We understand that everyone is different and that your situation will be unique. The breadth and depth of our capability in personal injury and medical malpractice makes us effective even in the most complex cases.

Where remedial action needs to go beyond straightforward financial compensation, we pull together all the strands to help you re-configure your life. We will get you back to as much normality as possible. We will consider your immediate needs and provide you with the support needed to address the legal and administrative pressures on you and your family. Where it is relevant we will endeavour to secure an early interim payment and arrange rehabilitation packages even before the claim is started. We provide “no win no fee” funding arrangements so you don’t have to worry about paying our fees as the case progresses, leaving you to focus on your recovery.

Your case will be handled by a qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor. We are very well connected in the world of injury and healthcare. We will help you to find the right specialists to suit the needs of you and your family. You will have a team of solicitors working on your case and will therefore always have someone available to speak to who is familiar with your case.

Our solicitors are accredited members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the The Law Society. We are actively involved with Headway who are a UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury by providing vital support and information services. We have close ties with The Silverlining charity who assist in the rehabilitation with those affected by brain injury, and The White Lodge who are a charity who provide services to people with neurological disability.

Maria Mingoia, Associate at Barlow Robbins comments:

"We are specialists in helping people whose lives have been significantly disrupted by an accident or by negligent healthcare treatment. We are highly regarded in the industry and recognised for our specialism in running brain injury cases."
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