Pedestrian Crossing

26 February 2015

Our client, a recently retired lady, was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing. She suffered a fractured pelvis, bladder injury and a head injury. This affected her mobility and general ability to cope. She had effectively been robbed of the active retirement she had been looking forward to.

The trouble was that the trauma to her head had caused a brain injury which had never been properly diagnosed or explained to her – as is so often the case when people have sustained serious physical injuries. Our client struggled on, thinking that her loss of confidence and low mood were all caused by the frightening time she had had in hospital.

She initially instructed another solicitor who began investigating the claim but she felt frustrated that the effect of the accident on her life was not being fully appreciated. When she was advised that she might consider making an offer to settle for a fairly low amount she decided a different approach was needed and instructed Barlow Robbins.

The car driver’s insurers made an offer that they would pay a percentage of the claim if our client accepted that she had walked on to the crossing without looking. The insurers also argued that our client’s injuries were not as severe as suggested. We therefore issued court proceedings.

We put enough evidence forward to persuade the insurers of our client’s case and the claim settled for £135,000.

Our comments:

We achieved much more than our client had hoped for. But perhaps more importantly, our actions helped her to understand why she felt like she did. The money allowed her to seek proper help with the disabilities she had been left with. We hope that this will restore to her some of the quality of life she feared she had lost for ever.

Client's comments:

“You have done a lot of work for me for all of which I am grateful. A huge thank you for all your hard work and thoughtful advice.”