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21 January 2020

Our Personal Injury team understands what you may have to undergo after suffering a personal injury and involve specialist medical and rehabilitation experts to reach the best solution for you and your injury.

Dealing with Decisions | December 2020 | Court of Protection
Sue Clark and Helen Goatley look at the complexities of clients who lack mental capacity to make decisions in this article first published in APIL’s PI Focus, Vol.29 issue 10 December 2019. They advise that 'when handling such sensitive claims on behalf of somebody with a brain injury,or somebody with significant learning disabilities or mental health problems,it is important that litigators liaise with specialist lawyers who are used to dealing with the Court of Protection,and The Mental Capacity Act. Download
Pain Barrier | June 2019 | Chronic Pain
Emma Potter explains why chronic pain conditions can often be misleading this article in PI Focus Download