Serious ankle injury after accident at work

01 June 2018

We obtained a six figure sum for a self-employed bricklayer who suffered an accident whilst at work (aged 38).

This gentleman was passionate about his job and a very skilled worker, however, one employer made him work on a scaffolding tower without brakes. When it toppled over, he landed heavily on his left foot and shattered his heel bone/calcaneum. He required surgery the following day and was in lots of pain and on crutches for several months. Despite the surgery, he continued to suffer from pain and swelling for over two years, which interfered with all aspects of his life. Further surgery (corrective subtalar joint arthrodesis) might relieve the pain but unfortunately, he will suffer from permanent stiffness in his foot and suffer from discomfort after activity or being on his feet for long periods.

He will always have difficulty walking on uneven ground and working at heights is not recommended which put the career and hobbies he loved in jeopardy. The employer’s insurer disputed the impact that this accident had on our client’s life and we fought hard to ensure that the injured person was adequately compensated for his injuries.

"I was very satisfied with the outcome and level of service that was provided by Barlow Robbins. Natalie kept me informed every step of the way, nothing was too much trouble. She was very professional, caring and understanding, even when I was very stressed."

By Natalie Hirst