What is Pain Management Treatment?

09 February 2016

A pain management programme aims to provide rehabilitative treatment to individuals suffering from chronic pain, where normally all other treatment options have been exhausted.

The aim is often to increase quality of life. Pain relief may not be the primary goal. However, it is often found that a reduction in pain may be experienced after participation in such a programme.

Treatment often takes the form of participation in a pain management programme, or attendance at a pain clinic. It could be a residential programme, or provided over a number of weeks or months.

A programme may involve medicines and injections, as well as physiotherapy and complimentary therapies, taking a holistic approach. Part of the programme will also include education about how to improve an individual’s issues with mobility but also about the nature of chronic pain and how they can manage their own individual situation. Techniques aim to deal with the pain, through physical, psychological and practical methods.

The programme is often administered by a team of healthcare individuals, which may include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. The focus is to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the patient’s individual needs but not necessarily to provide a cure.

Unfortunately, not all locations can offer such specialist treatment and the treatment provided may differ. This does mean that waiting lists and access can vary.

As the extent and effect of pain is personal to the individual, programmes recommended by a treating practitioner differ between patients. What may work or provide relief for one person, is different for another. Consequently, the cost of any treatment required and paid for on a private basis, can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds. It also depends upon how long it is needed.

If chronic pain has arisen from an accident and a personal injury claim is being pursued, we can include the cost of the pain management treatment needed within the claim. This includes any treatment that has already been paid for and also the recommended treatment for the future.

With our specialist knowledge in this area, we have links to such programmes, treating practitioners and medico-legal experts and understand this area of trauma. We can ensure that you can claim for what you need.