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  • Road Safety Week: Cycling Safety Infographic

    23 November 2018

    Have a look at our 'Cycling Safety Infographic' for our guide on accessories and equipment every cyclist should own when travelling and commuting on the road.…

  • Road Safety Week: What is the Dutch Reach?

    22 November 2018

    The “Dutch reach” is a move devised, whereby when drivers or passengers are reaching for the car door to exit a vehicle, instead of using the hand closest to the handle, people instead are encouraged to use the arm furthest away from the door.…

  • Road Safety Week – Keeping children safe on bicycles

    21 November 2018

    Cycling is a great way for children to keep fit as well as allowing them to get about independently. However, concerns are often raised about how safe cycling is, especially as day light hours reduce at this time of year.…

  • Road Safety Week – Pedestrian versus Bicycle

    19 November 2018

    You may have seen the recent reports on the criminal trial which saw Mr Charlie Alliston charged with the Victorian offence of “wanton or furious driving”. In response, the Government is now launching a fresh review into whether new law is required in order to tackle dangerous cycling.…

  • The Clinical Negligence Claims Process

    08 October 2018

    Coming to terms with the fact that a doctor or hospital has been negligent in their treatment of you is often hard to deal with.…

  • Hip Fracture Following Fall At Work

    02 October 2018

    We acted for a midwife who sustained a nasty fall at work and broke her hip.We obtained an early admission of liability from the Hospital Trust, however, the level of her injuries and the value of her claim was very much in dispute. …

    Case Studies
  • Cerebral Palsy and Strep B Case Study

    04 September 2018

    MR’s mother was a carrier of Strep B (a bacterial infection) and sadly passed this to MR at the time of her birth. …

    Case Studies
  • Injuries to the ureter

    15 August 2018

    Ureteral injury is damage caused by trauma to one or both ureters, the muscular tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.…