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  • A guide to Orthopaedic Negligence Claims

    28 February 2019

    What is the definition of an orthopaedic injury? Put simply, an orthopaedic injury is any deformity/disorder/disease of the skeleton (bones) or its connecting structures, such as muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments.…

  • The Clinical Negligence Claims Process

    08 October 2018

    Coming to terms with the fact that a doctor or hospital has been negligent in their treatment of you is often hard to deal with.…

  • Failure to Diagnose Spinal Fracture

    03 August 2018

    Our client was climbing over a wooden rail fence when she slipped at the top and fell approximately 4 feet to the ground. She hit her head and back at the same time and was unable to move her body. Luckily, our client was found by her friends who called an ambulance.…

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  • Missed Hip Fracture Leading to Permanent Confinement to Wheelchair

    07 June 2018

    We acted for an elderly lady who suffered a fall whilst in hospital. She suffered a hip fracture (neck of femur) and a wrist injury (damage to the radial nerve). The hospital negligently failed to manage the wrist injury and failed to spot the hip fracture for over four months, despite continual complaints in the medical notes of pain which should have alerted the staff. …

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  • Delayed Diagnosis of Foot Fracture

    27 October 2017

    We obtained a six figure sum for a lady who received negligent treatment following a fracture to her left foot. Our client tripped over a vacuum cleaner cord at work and attended her local hospital. She had sustained a Lisfranc fracture, which is an injury to the midfoot. Her foot was swollen and bruised and the hospital missed the fracture, as well as the other abnormalities that were visible on the x-rays. The hospital should have placed our client’s foot in a cast and told her not to weight bear.…

    Case Studies