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  • Serious Injury Brochure

    01 March 2019

    Barlow Robbins are specialist personal injury lawyers. We get compensation for seriously injured people. We will work with you to find a way through the wide range of issues following a serious accident or bereavement, with honesty, clarity and compassion.…

  • A guide to Orthopaedic Negligence Claims

    28 February 2019

    What is the definition of an orthopaedic injury? Put simply, an orthopaedic injury is any deformity/disorder/disease of the skeleton (bones) or its connecting structures, such as muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments.…

  • Settlement for serious road traffic accident

    04 February 2019

    We acted for a gentleman who was involved in a serious car accident. He was the passenger in a car, which hit a tree and rolled over causing him .......…

    Case Studies
  • Failure to Diagnose Spinal Fracture

    03 August 2018

    Our client was climbing over a wooden rail fence when she slipped at the top and fell approximately 4 feet to the ground. She hit her head and back at the same time and was unable to move her body. Luckily, our client was found by her friends who called an ambulance.…

    Case Studies
  • Spinal Cord Injury - Case Study

    17 August 2017

    We represented our client in respect of a delay in diagnosis of compression of his spinal cord, leading to paraplegia.…

    Case Studies
  • The Complexities of Chronic Pain after Spinal Injury

    16 February 2016

    Individuals with spinal cord injuries, whether complete or incomplete, often experience excruciating and unrelenting chronic pain. However the treatment strategies for patients in these situations, when the physiological and psychological mechanisms of such pain are unclear. …