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Amputee Claims

Amputation or loss of a limb following an accident, injury or disease will always be life changing but there are exciting new technological advances which can provide the very best prostheses to replace the function and appearance of the lost limb if you know how to access the sources.

You will also need access to specialised rehabilitation services to ensure the residual limb is in the best possible health to tolerate and use the prosthesis chosen. This could mean intensive physiotherapy to build up muscle power or even further limb reconstruction. The Prosthetist will then assess, design, fit and maintain the prosthetic limb. Psychological counselling may also be offered.

Some important questions which you may ask are;

Will you be able to use or wear a prosthetic limb?
Will this be functional or purely cosmetic?
What mechanical and functional designs are available for the specific tasks you require to do?
What other assistive devices will you need? E.g crutches or wheelchairs.
What funds will you be able to obtain to pay for the cost?
There is no one device which is best for everyone. The key to success is working with your doctor, prosthetist, therapist and solicitor.

Could I make a claim?

If the amputation was negligently caused or contributed to by the following then a claim for compensation may be possible;

  1. Traumatic accident - possibly a road traffic incident or accident involving machinery.
  2. Failure to treat by a medical professional or hospital.
  3. Failure or late diagnosis of an infection or disease.
Our experience

We have an expertise in this area in making claims to include the cost of rehabilitation, aids and equipment, therapies and future prostheses. We work with organisations and know the best medical, rehabilitating and treating experts in this field and we aim to secure the maximum funds claimable to assist with future treatment, care and equipment to help rebuild your life.

We work with the following organisations;

  • Proactive Prosthetics
  • PACE
  • Dorset Orthopaedic
  • Harrison Associates
  • Colin Clayton Assistive Technology
  • Wyvern Partnership
  • Blatchford orthotics manufacturers
Examples of cases we have dealt with;

A young teenage girl who was run down by a car when crossing a road. She had a simple fracture to her tibia but the hospital delayed checking underneath the plaster applied and failed to notice an infection had set in turning the leg gangrenous. She subsequently had a below knee amputation of her leg. Her final settlement was very substantial as she required specialised housing adaptable for wheelchair use and future prostheses.

A young male motorcyclist who swerved to avoid a boy crossing a main road with a pushbike. The bike fell sideways into the path of an oncoming Land Rover which severed his foot. He had a below knee amputation. We settled the claim for a substantial sum and he acquired different functional limbs so he could continue his hobby of martial arts.

A lady whose right dominant hand was caught in a roller press crushing and burning the hand so that most of her fingers had to be amputated. She is to receive two prosthetic cosmetic and functional hands so that she can pick up objects and cut her food but also regain the confidence she has lost.

A lady who suffers from diabetes and who subsequently injured her foot which was incorrectly treated so when an infection of the bone took hold she had to have a below knee amputation. The claim was against the hospital.