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Chronic Pain


We know that the experience of pain is complex. It differs from individual to individual. It can often be disproportionate to the physical injury experienced and even if you recover from the physical injury, you may still continue to experience pain that affects your lifestyle, employment situation and social life.

Some people find this difficult to explain and feel their own GP or Consultant do not believe or understand what they are experiencing.

As experienced Solicitors in this field, we understand pain disorders, which over the years have been given different names for example Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Somatisation Disorders and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

It is important that as part of your personal injury claim, you tell us about all of the symptoms that you are experiencing and they should not be down-played. They are just as important as the physical symptoms.

At Barlow Robbins, we understand the symptoms and how debilitating they can be whether they are of a minor and intrusive nature to the more serious chronic pain conditions.

We address these issues as part of your Personal Injury claim and are able to involve specialist medical experts and rehabilitation experts to be able to consider the long term impact of the conditions.