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Delayed Stroke Diagnosis

Stroke Misdiagnosis

It is essential for anyone having a stroke that the condition is recognised and treated as promptly as possible. In situations where there is a delay in diagnosis, or treatment, the outcome can be catastrophic for a patient.

Anyone suspected of having a stroke may need an urgent brain scan as soon as possible. In some circumstances, a clot busting medication can be given which can help to dissolve blood clots and potentially minimise the devastating effect of the stroke. The medication must be given within a short time after the onset of the stroke.

Rehabilitation and specialist review by specialist health professionals is required for stroke patients. There may be other underlying conditions, such as hypertension or raised cholesterol which needs to be regulated.

Anticoagulant drugs such as heparin and warfarin are given and statins may be started.

In the circumstances, TIAs or mini strokes need to be recognised and treated carefully.

Where delays occur, or things have gone wrong during medical treatment, the consequences can have a profound affect on the patient's recovery, ability to return to work and to lead a normal life.

If you think you may have a clinical negligence claim as a result of delays in diagnosing a stroke, or incorrect treatment following a stroke, please do get in contact with us.