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Medical Insurance Disputes


Many people have the benefit of some form of critical illness or permanent disability insurance cover. This gives them the comfort of knowing that, if they were to suffer a serious accident or illness, they and those that rely upon them would be provided for. Unfortunately, claiming under such a policy is not always straightforward, and some policy holders find themselves in disputes with their insurers over coverage.

What went wrong?

You may have been diagnosed with a serious illness, or suffered a serious medical incident such as a cardiac arrest, but been told by your insurer that it is not covered by your critical illness insurance. Or an injury or illness may have left you unable to return to work, but your insurer may be disputing your claim for total permanent disability benefit.

If you or someone you care about finds themselves in this situation, we can help.

How we can help

After establishing the extent of insurance cover that your policy provides, we will correspond with your insurance company for you, to ensure that you obtain the payment which you are entitled to. Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors will work together with our specialist personal injury solicitors, to obtain the medical evidence that your insurer requires, and to cut through the insurer’s red tape. If necessary, we will advise you on your options for dealing with an insurer’s continued refusal to accept a claim, and assist you with challenging it through either the courts or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you are in a dispute with your insurance company, contact us for a no obligation, free of charge telephone consultation.

For further advice please call Esther Millard on 01483 464272 or alternatively email EstherMillard@BarlowRobbins.com