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Mishandled Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Claims


After the trauma of an accident, a mis-diagnosis, or treatment that has made a health condition worse, you put your trust in your solicitor to deal with your claim professionally, and obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. If your previous solicitor made a mistake in your personal injury or clinical negligence claim, this will probably have been both upsetting and costly for you.

What went wrong?

Your previous solicitor may have missed a limitation period (i.e. left it too late to bring a claim), or they may have advised you to accept a settlement which you now feel was inadequate. Alternatively, your previous solicitor may have mishandled your claim because they did not have the necessary specialist expertise, and so did not fully and properly quantify your claim.

If your claim has mishandled by your previous solicitor, you may not have obtained the compensation that you were entitled to. This may have left you with a heavy financial burden, which in some cases you may envisage affecting your ability to meet your medical costs for years to come.

If your previous solicitor mishandled your personal injury or clinical negligence claim in this or any other way, we can help.

How we can help

Our specialist personal injury and clinical negligence solicitors can work together with our specialist professional negligence solicitors in our Dispute Resolution Department, to pursue a claim against your previous solicitors. We will work to obtain, from your previous solicitors or their insurers, the compensation that you should have received in your original claim.

If you think you may have a claim, contact us for a no obligation, free of charge telephone consultation.

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