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Motorbike Accidents

Our Services

Our team of specialist motorcycle injury lawyers, all of whom are qualified solicitors, understand the trauma that can be caused by a motorbike accident and the impact it can have on your life. We are experienced in quickly finding who is to blame and successfully obtaining the highest level of compensation for our clients.

Our experience of motorbike accidents

We understand motorcycling and take an interest in the motorcycling world. We aren’t put off by witness statements given to the police by people who assume that a bike which makes a loud noise must have been breaking the speed limit – we know that’s not the case.

Through many years of experience we know that many of our clients involved in motorbike accidents are people who have children and skilled jobs and are often the main household earners. That means families can be left in financial hardship after an accident. In these cases we make it our priority to get an early admission of fault and also to get some of your compensation paid early.

Examples of past cases

Our team have dealt with motorcycle claims of all kinds, including cases involving fractures and whiplash, to serious head and spinal injuries, limb loss or even death.

What we can do to assist you

As soon as possible, we will provide you with an assessment of your immediate rehabilitation needs without having to wait for insurance companies to pay for it. This means that you can find out what is on offer outside the NHS to help you recover quicker or to help you get as much independence and quality of life back as possible. Your rehabilitation and future wellbeing is our top priority.

Claiming for a fatal motorbike accident

If you are claiming for the death of a loved one we know how hard it is, particularly if you have children to support as well. We have a lot of experience handling fatal claims. We can represent you at any inquest. We will support you and advise you as you try to get your life back together.