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Ophthalmic Negligence

Eye Surgery Injury Claims

Our specialist clinical negligence lawyers frequently deal with ophthalmic (eye injury) cases. Eye conditions require specialist treatment from ophthalmic surgeons or optometrists.

Effects of ophthalmic negligence

When negligence occurs, the results can be catastrophic and in the worst case scenario the patient can be rendered blind, or severely visually impaired.

Examples of ophthalmic negligence

Cases that we have dealt with at Barlow Robbins relating to eye injuries include:-

  • Poor standard of cataract surgery
  • Negligently handled eye laser surgery
  • Failure to diagnose an eye condition called “papilloedema” and treat this in a timely manner.
  • Failure to treat or recognise glaucoma
  • Failure to treat or recognise corneal abrasions and/or other eye injuries promptly
  • Wrongly matched colour of a false eye
  • Cases where the equipment in the operating theatre went wrong
Remedial treatment

In many incidences, patients may need further surgery and follow up treatment. Some will need non surgical treatment for eye conditions. They can be provided with contact lenses and/or glasses.


We are well connected with rehabilitation experts, ophthalmic surgeons and eyesight charities such as the RNIB and Case Managers and Occupational Therapists who help people with visual impairment.