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Many people book their package holidays using a travel agent or tour operator. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injury or illness whilst on a package holiday, you may be able to bring a claim for personal injury and financial loss through the UK Court system, even though the injury / illness occurred abroad.

Who is responsible for my accident?

The Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tours Regulations 1992 allow a holiday maker to bring a claim for injury/ illness and financial loss against the tour operator or holiday provider. The tour operator or holiday provider is, by virtue of the Regulations, liable for the actions and / omissions of anyone who provides part of or all of the service to you on your holiday. This can include hotel staff, hotel restaurants, day trip providers / drivers and airport transfer drivers, amongst others.

Health & safety abroad

The standard of safety is defined by what is expected in the country where you had your accident. Health and Safety requirements abroad are often much lower than in the UK. This is something that we will consider when offering initial advice.

How do I know if my holiday was a package holiday?

Your holiday must comprise of two out of the three following components:-

  • Flights / transport
  • Accommodation
  • A trip / excursion / activity (booked with the main holiday)
What type of accident can I claim for?

Some of the common types of foreign accident claims are:-

  • Sustaining injury due to badly maintained sections of walkway within accommodation / grounds
  • Sustaining injury whilst on an excursion / day trip
  • Slipping and tripping on hotel floors / around swimming pools
  • Sustaining injury whilst participating in an organised sporting activity / using sporting equipment including swimming pool
  • Sustaining injury whilst driving a hire care or when travelling in a coach or taxi

If you think you may have a claim or would like some advice, contact us for a no obligation, free of charge consultation.