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Rehabilitation treatment


Are you struggling to get the healthcare services you need? Do you find that you are having to wait a long time between appointments? Are you finding it difficult to navigate your way around the NHS? If you have suffered from an injury as a result of an accident, then in all probability you will need some sort of rehabilitation, perhaps to get you back to work, or to help you to resume to your daily routine.

The importance of early access to rehabilitation treatment

We recognise that early rehabilitation can make a significant difference to our client’s recovery. We will not wait for the insurers of the person responsible for your injury to send you compensation. We will get help for you straight away to make sure you get better and regain as much independence as possible - as soon as possible.

How we can help you?

As part of our unique service to our clients, we are able to help you from the outset of your claim, by finding you the support you need to deal with the problems you are facing, as a result of your injury. We have made arrangements with medical professionals so that you can have a prompt assessment by a qualified case manager or occupational therapist soon after instructing us. They will work with you to help you deal with your changed circumstances. They will identify the best treatment for you and coordinate services available for you – whether privately or within the NHS.

We can put you in touch with people who can help you – fast. Your quality of life and that of those who care for you is really important to us.

Rehabilitation assessments

This may include identifying the right rehabilitation centre for you to go after you are discharged from hospital, appointing carers, finding equipment and aids you may need or arranging for you to have physiotherapy. Later on, if necessary we can sort out suitable housing or perhaps an adapted vehicle and you will be in control of this. You choose what you need and when. While all this is going on, our job as your lawyers will be to make sure that the insurers pay for all this help – not you.