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Road traffic accidents


Being involved in a road traffic accident is a traumatic experience. Barlow Robbins are the lawyers for you if you want a personal service from qualified solicitors, with years of experience in the field of car accidents. Motor accidents can vary in severity from a minor collision- leading to whiplash, to a major car crash- leading to serious injuries.

Who can claim for injuries sustained in a RTA
Types of accident

We take pride in our reputation for success in cases which are not always straightforward, for example

Types of injury

In addition to physical injuries, or even in their absence, a significant proportion of individuals involved in road traffic accidents can experience psychological injury. We handle cases involving people who have developed driving phobia or the more serious symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our approach

We are often instructed to take cases over from other firms of lawyers. It may be that they cannot deal with the case or perhaps that they have a conflict. We succeed where others haven’t because we do not apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach and we take the time to really listen to our clients and understand the impact that the injury has had on their lives.