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Sporting Accidents


Accidents can and do occur in many walks of life, the sporting world included. Whether it is whilst physically taking part or just spectating, things can go wrong.

It is widely acknowledged that sports men and women accept that taking part in sport carries with it a certain level of risk. All sport bears some risk to its participants.

What is not acceptable, however, is for other participants to be allowed to act outside the rules and laws of the sport they take part in, or for the facilities in use to be faulty or dangerous.

Duty of care

When taking part in sport, participants owe a duty of care to one another. If they act in such a way so as to breach that duty of care and cause injury to you as a result, it may entitle you to bring a claim for compensation.

Similarly, the owners of sporting premises owe a duty of care to visitors who come to use those premises, whether you are a player or a spectator. The duty of care extends to ensuring that as a visitor you are kept reasonably safe. If an owner does something, or fails to do something, which causes the premises to be dangerous and you are injured as a result, the injured person may again be entitled to bring a claim for compensation.


Common situations that occur within the sporting world whereby people may be eligible for compensation include:

  • Being injured as a result of a fellow participant breaking the rules;
  • Being injured as a result of faulty, inadequate or dangerous equipment as a participant or spectator;
  • Being injured as a result of faulty or dangerous premises or spectator areas.

If you are involved in an accident whilst playing in or attending a sporting event, it is important that you report what has happened to staff members on site and take names and full address or contact details of any witnesses to the accident. It is also helpful to have photographs of the accident location where possible.

We have successfully represented people injured:

  • On the golf course
  • In a jet ski collision
  • Playing rugby
  • Playing hockey
  • In a gym
  • Playing tennis
  • On a trampoline