Education Conference - "Mental Health - out of sight, out of mind?"

26 April 2016

Our next education conference (aimed primarily at independent schools) will be held on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey.

Some recent headlines include:

‘The mental health epidemic among the young represents one of the greatest
challenges facing our schools.’
‘Mindfulness isn't preparing children for the real world, headmaster warns’
[David Lambon, Ampleforth College].
'Schools are not training us to tackle mental health problems, teachers say’
‘Pupils with mental health problems face 'stigma and discrimination''

We will be examining these and other issues, including the DfE’s recently announced consultation on children and young people’s mental health. Our keynote speaker is Dr Charlie Easmon, a primary care physician specialising in occupational and mental health including the impact on children of online and social communication and issues at school. Charlie’s presentation will be followed by a lively panel discussion, taking in all aspects of mental health and examining a range of strategies that may help build resilience and wellbeing in pupils, during which participation from the floor will be encouraged.


6:00pm - Registration
6:30pm - Welcome & Introduction, Joanna Lada-Walicki


- Presentation: Mental health in the young - Dr Charlie Easmon MBBS MRCP MPH DTM&H DOccMed DFPH
7:15pm - Panel discussion and Q&A, chaired by Ben Collingwood
8:00pm - Supper


Dr Christopher O’Neill - Counsellor, psychotherapist and Master - Charterhouse
Rachel Owens - Headmistress of St George’s School Ascot
Ann Haydon - Principal of Surbiton High School
Joanna Lada-Walicki - Head of Schools & Charities - Barlow Robbins LLP