Festival Safety

05 August 2014

This year’s festival season is now well and truly underway. The UK summertime is peppered with annual events such as The Reading Festival, Download, Creamfields, V Festival and last, but not least, Glastonbury.

Thousands of people are expected to attend these events and, historically, thousands of people have had a fantastic time. However, each year many revellers return home with an injury which is bound to have ruined the experience for them.

In order to fully embrace the ‘festival experience’ many people take part in quintessential festival activities, such as ‘moshing’ (a style of dance whose participants push or slam into each other) and crowd surfing (the process in which the “crowd surfer” is passed above everyone’s heads, with everyone’s hands supporting the person’s weight).

Whilst these activities may seem fun they do carry the potential risk of a serious injury. It is on this basis that a lot of festival venues have forbidden such activities.

Useful festival tips

Enjoy and embrace the festival experience, but do not get too carried away by taking part in moshing or crowd surfing

Be careful when in crowds as you can be pushed or lifted off your feet in the event of a crowd surge

Stay hydrated as being in a large crowd can make you very hot. Also keep an eye on your drink; do not leave it unattended just in case anyone pops anything into it

Keep your phone fully charged. It is very easy to lose your friends at large events. Also consider deciding on a meeting place with your friends and touch base with them regularly if you are splitting up.

Be prepared for the uncertain British weather, in particular, protect your skin with sun cream and wear a hat where possible to reduce the chance of sunstroke.

Finally... Enjoy yourself and in the words of Mark Twain, “sing like no-one is listening and dance like nobody is watching”.

By Charlotte Rees-Knowlden

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