Impact of Tribunal fees on number of claims

04 August 2014

The Ministry of Justice recently published Employment Tribunal statistics for January-March 2014 which show the significant reduction in the number of claims since the introduction of fees in July 2013.

  • Claims from individual claimants have reduced by c.59%
  • Claims from multiple claimants have reduced by c.68%
  • Claims for unauthorised deductions from wages have reduced by 85%

The figures appear to demonstrate that a large proportion of potential claimants are choosing not to pursue their claims, particularly in lower value claims such as those for unpaid wages.

UNISON’s appeal in its judicial review challenge to the introduction of Tribunal fees is due to be heard in the Court of Appeal between 10 September and 10 December 2014. These statistics may add weight to the union’s argument.

By Ben Collingwood

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