In the Spotlight: Ian McDonald

01 March 2018

From meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan to assisting entrepreneurs achieve their goals, Barlow Robbins Senior Associate Ian McDonald details just a few of his career highlights whilst working in the corporate and commercial law sector.

I first chose to pursue corporate and commercial law as the idea of creating neat and tidy transaction structures where everything fitted into place appealed to me. Over time, I have learned that law is not often like this and the real skill is learning how to deal with the untidy bits, the unusual features of businesses and the needs of individual clients. These tend to be the parts of deals that are most interesting, where you add most value and gain most satisfaction.

I spent the first 10 years of my career at a firm in London and have been lucky to have gained a broad experience of different types of work and clients. This has included M&A in the dental sector, advising mining exploration companies and helping companies raise money through issuing shares or debt to investors. Having this experience has given me the confidence to know that, when they arise, I can tackle issues that I haven’t encountered before.

Some of the more unusual things I have done over the years include meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan, advising a company with an oil exploration licence in Somaliland and listing a bond on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

Regardless of the sector, my clients tend to be entrepreneurs who are trying to make something happen. It is very interesting observing the different way they see things, deal with obstacles and approach risk.

I enjoy being able to help clients achieve their goals whether that it setting up a new business, raising investment to grow their business or exiting. I also enjoy the independence of being a lawyer and the need to rely on your own ability and trust your own judgement.

By Ian McDonald

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