ISC flying the flag

16 March 2015

The Independent Schools Council has published its 2015 manifesto.

In response to political rhetoric which asserts that our independent schools are contributing to social inequality and segregation, the ISC, supported by all the constituent associations, is making a stand to ‘reset the relationship’ that society has with independent schools.

There is emphasis on the contribution which ISC schools make to social mobility and the breaking down of barriers in society. The manifesto seeks to align the collective mission of all schools, whether state or independent, to ‘educate children to achieve their full potential’ and asserts that ‘any barriers, real or perceived, between the two sectors are counterproductive’.

The manifesto champions school partnerships where ISC schools share good teaching practice through their highly competent and academically qualified staff. Strong emphasis is given to the measures taken to improve access to ISC schools via bursaries and widening participation for children with SEN.

The ISC highlights its desire to assist government in addressing the key challenges in education and underlines the public support of its mission.

In the approach to the general election, independent schools are making a stand. The manifesto speaks to both families and politicians. The manifesto suggests that all pupils, whether they are engaged in independent or state education, benefit from the excellence provided in our independent schools. Perhaps politicians who fail to acknowledge this fact risk alienating more voters than they realise.

By Ben Collingwood

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