Looking back, going forward

01 October 2014

Following an eventful year in the world of Employment Law we will review the important changes that have taken place and will look forward to what is on the horizon in 2015

Looking back, we will be examining:

  • Developments in holiday pay rights
  • Key cases on disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Data Protection
  • Employment status and the attack on false employment
  • Key developments in Discrimination
  • The impact of Tribunal reforms
  • Flexible working
  • New TUPE

Looking forward, we will preview:

  • Parental leave changes
  • Caste discrimination
  • Zero hours and minimum wage enforcement
  • Tribunal reform challenges
  • Employment status
  • Developments in redundancy law.
Date: 1 October 2014
Time: 8:00am - 10:00am, including a light breakfast
Venue: The Lightbox, Woking GU21 4AA
Organiser: Debbie Leeland
Tel: 01483 464218

Looking Back, Going Forward 2014