New compensation and statutory pay limits – April 2015

06 March 2015

Employment Tribunal compensation limits will increase on 6 April 2015. The maximum unfair dismissal compensatory award will increase from £76,574 to £78,335 or 52 weeks’ gross pay, whichever is the lower.

The maximum amount of a week’s pay for the purposes of calculating a statutory redundancy payment and unfair dismissal basic and additional awards will increase from £464 to £475.

The maximum statutory redundancy payment and basic award will therefore now be £14,250.

Statutory sick pay will increase to a weekly rate of £88.45.

Statutory maternity, adoption, paternity, additional paternity and shared parental pay increases to £139.58 per week but additional paternity leave and pay will of course only be applicable to babies whose expected week of confinement is before 5 April 2015 with the advent of the new Shared Parental Leave regime.

By David Ludlow

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