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28 June 2019

We advise on issues involving children, elderly relatives and those embarking on their adult relationships.

Life after divorce: money, children and the future | 07 June 2019 | Divorce, Separation & Financial Issues
Jo Farrands quoted in the LV online article on Life after divorce: money, children and the future discussing the main financial implications of getting divorced and how they can be managed. Download
Reform surrogacy but keep safeguards, lawyers urge | 07 June 2019 | Surrogacy Law
Jo Farrands quoted in the The Times article on Reforming Surrogacy. 'Joanna Farrands, a partner at law firm Barlow Robbins, said under the present lengthy process many intended parents did not realise that they had to apply to a court for a parental order, leaving children and parents in a legal limbo for months. She said that if the reforms were implemented it would give greater certainty to parents undertaking surrogacy and reduce the disputes that could arise after the birth. Download