Sensible health and safety management in schools - new guidance from the HSE

10 November 2014

The HSE has published new guidance and resources on health and safety management for schools. This has sections dealing with:

  • Leading sensible health and safety management in schools
  • Common health and safety myths
  • Getting the balance right
  • The role of school leaders
  • Is it health and safety
  • Slips and trips in education

HSE has published case studies demonstrating sensible and proportionate risk management practices for school trips that reflect the principles of successful health and safety management. It also sets out what is not covered by health and safety legislation. The aim is to cut down on red tape and to offer practical advice and guidance. The guidance is user friendly and should be read by anyone involved in the management of the school as well as anyone involved in health and safety assessments. Schools should also review their policies and procedures in light of the new guidance.

By Joanna Lada-Walicki

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