Single Central Record Compliance Checks

02 November 2017

Autumn is a common time for schools to review the status of their Single Central Record (“SCR”), with an influx of new teachers and support staff meaning multiple safeguarding checks are required to ensure compliance with the Independent Schools Standards Regulations (“ISSRs”), Keeping Children Safe in Education and the ISI Handbook.

Inspectors often hone in on SCR compliance as a safeguarding issue and it is therefore essential that schools accurately maintain an organised and transparent database of checks whilst ensuring that staff whose checks have not been completed are not allowed to conduct “regulated activity” such as teaching without supervision.

Our experience of conducting SCR audits for schools indicates that particular problem areas for compliance include:
  • Missing EEA or overseas teacher checks;
  • Delayed or missing references from an employee’s previous school;
  • Confirmations from agencies or third-party organisations that they have carried out checks on the staff they supply;
  • Delayed or missing Governor checks.

We therefore recommend schools have a clearly designated member of staff responsible for SCR compliance and that they carry out an annual audit of the SCR to ensure on-going compliance. A “fresh pair of eyes” can make a huge difference in spotting errors / missing documentation and so it is highly advisable that the audit is carried out by an appropriately qualified external adviser.

By Ben Collingwood & Adam Taylor

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