Top Tips for Selling Your Home

03 September 2015

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People selling their home often don't know where to begin and we have found overwhelmingly that an unprepared approach can add months of hassle and cost to what could be a relatively straightforward transaction. We have compiled a list of the most important steps to help you sell your home. Here are our top five tips for anyone who is planning on putting their house on the market.

Tip 1 - Preparation
Show your property to potential viewers in the best possible light. Maximise both its kerb appeal and attend to the interior - do the jobs you have been putting off; a lick of paint, clean the carpets and keep it looking fresh and tidy. A little effort can pay dividends.

Tip 2 - Get organised
Any deeds you do have should be given to your solicitor for them to check over. Make sure you find all the relevant documentation relating to works carried out at the property over the years. Examples include planning permissions and building regulation certificates, guarantees, FENSA certificates for windows and CORGI or Gas Safe certificates for boilers and central heating.

Tip 3 – Consider any tax implications
Consider whether any tax will be due on selling. Will Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) apply to you? On the sale of your main residence, you do not normally pay CGT. However, if it is a second property then CGT may well be payable and could amount to thousands of pounds. We can advise you on this.

Tip 4 - Estate agents
It is very important that a good estate agent is appointed to facilitate the sale. You need to make sure that you are using an agent with a good reputation and one who is enthusiastic about selling your property. We can recommend a good estate agent in your local area.

Tip 5 - Your lawyer
Barlow Robbins offers a first class, bespoke conveyancing service, based on your individual needs, from each of our three offices. For further advice on selling your property, please call us on 01483 543210

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