TPS contributions set to rise by 43% – what’s your strategy?

22 March 2019

With employer contributions set to rise by 43% in September 2019, many schools are reviewing the viability of continued membership of the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS). We can support you as you devise your strategy and assist with the logistics and practical steps.

We can assist your school as you consider:

  • Alternative pension provision, if the board approves a proposal for withdrawal from TPS membership;

  • Your proposed cessation date;

  • The governance issues as your school’s governors consider what course of action is in the long-term best interests of the school;

  • The employment law implications, timelines and risks of any proposed change to teachers’ pension arrangements;

  • How to conduct a collective consultation process with the affected employees.

For further details of how we can support you and a range of fixed fee and flexible pricing options, please see our Barlow Robbins TPS Services booklet.


By Joanna Lada-Walicki

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