Trustees' Duties & Responsibilities Charity Law Seminar – Guildford

08 October 2019

Are you a trustee? Are you confident you know what’s expected of you?
Or, if you work for a charity, do you think the trustees understand their responsibilities?

Trustees have ultimate legal responsibility for the charity they serve - and with governance in the spotlight perhaps more than ever before, trustees need to know and understand what their duties and responsibilities mean in practice.

At our seminar on 8 October 2019, we will take a very practical look at what it means to be an effective trustee. The seminar is designed for trustees, however new or experienced, but will be of interest to those who work for charities, or provide services to them.

Date: Tuesday 8 October 2019
Venue: Guildford Harbour Hotel, Guildford
Timings: 4.30pm - Arrival
Timings: 5.00pm - Presentations, followed by Q&A
Timings: 6.30pm - Drinks & canapés