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  • Whistleblowing claim against hirer and employment agency

    03 August 2016

    An agency nurse employed by an Employment Business agency was allowed to bring a whistleblowing claim against the end-user hirer to whom she was assigned, a University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.…

  • Bergamasca Summer Concert Series 2016

    14 July 2016

    A look back at our summer concert series which featured beautiful music from the 17th and 18th century Europe performed by Bergamasca. We have been immensely fortunate with the generosity of our various hosts in offering their facilities to support all three local charities and in being able to work with the talented ladies of Bergamasca.…

  • Summer 2016 Employment Law Update

    14 June 2016

    Welcome to the Summer 2016 Employment Law Update. We hope that you will find this informative and useful in keeping you up to date. In this edition we report on the following topical issues:…

  • Headscarf ban justified

    09 June 2016

    Three years into her employment at a Belgian security company, a Muslim employee began to wear a headscarf at work, even though there was a company rule which prohibited the wearing of any visible signs of political, philosophical or religious beliefs…