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Advice for Elderly People

Living Wills

Are you worried about the management of your or a relative’s affairs as you or they get older? Are you concerned about how to ensure that you are properly looked after in your old age? Do you sometimes feel the need to talk to someone independent, to someone with just your interests in mind?

We can help you with writing Wills or Powers of Attorney, assist with managing assets, savings or investments or act as your attorney.

If your relative has lost the mental capacity necessary to make a Will or to manage their affairs then our lawyers can help you review the options that may be available for an application to the Court of Protection for appointment of a Deputy or for approval to make a Statutory Will.

We are also available to discuss the pros and cons of “Living Wills” dealing with how you might like to be looked after in the future.

We are happy to make home visits if it is difficult for our clients to come to our office.