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Commercial Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Services

Would you like to resolve your dispute as cost effectively and speedily as possible? You need to consider mediation and using the services of a mediator. In our view, and that of the courts, mediation is an excellent way of resolving disputes.

Mediation can be used in most disputes so the disputes referred to us to mediate are many and varied. They have included large construction cases where clients have alleged negligence against both contractors and their professional advisers; disputes as to the quality of goods; cases involving breach of competition covenants; disputes over the quality of educational services provided; tax disputes; disputes over mortgages; landlord and tenant claims, including dilapidation issues and boundary disputes, often where rights of way are involved.

Our partner David Foster is an experienced mediator with a national reputation. In 90% of the cases in which David has mediated, settlement has been reached.

We understand that clients wish to use mediation as a quick and easy way of settling a dispute. Accordingly, we are able to provide a mediator at short notice. We will hold the mediation meeting wherever it is most convenient and helpful to hold it.

We also have a mediation advocacy service by which you can access experienced advocates to represent you at a mediation.

Confidentiality as to the dispute and our role in it is assured. The cost of the mediation will be agreed in advance. Most mediations are accomplished within a day.