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Child Abduction & Relocation

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Child abduction and relocation situations are extremely complex from a legal standpoint. We have a dedicated team of international family lawyers who are renowned for this work. We advise on all issues that arise where one parent is resident abroad and the other is resident in the UK. This is a particularly complicated situation and an experienced lawyer in this area is essential if your child is to be protected and all of your options are to be fully considered.

We work with clients and professionals around the world and, as a result, can advise promptly and effectively in relation to the specific laws and approaches of different countries to these situations.

Our family lawyers work closely with Reunite International, a leading UK charity specialising in the movement of children across international borders. We particularly benefit and draw from the strengths that they offer in terms of their resources for lawyers, as well as to the general public who need assistance concerning their children at difficult times.

We have worked with families to ensure the safe return of children to the country where they are from or equally, in assisting families where one parent wishes to remove their child from this jurisdiction (relocation) to live in another country.

Our lawyers have worked with the Child Abduction Unit in London and therefore are only too familiar with the uncertainty and difficulty that families face with these very sensitive issues.

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