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Employment & HR for Charities

Our Services

Every charity is committed to serving its objects and its beneficiaries. Employing a workforce is a substantial investment designed to further this purpose and is likely to be the charities greatest overhead. We are here to support you in ensuring this runs smoothly.

We provide a full range of support to charities of all sizes in relation to contracts, policies, procedures, redundancy/restructuring, grievance and capability/disciplinary matters and equal opportunities.

Our charities achieve their staffing goals assisted by our clear advice on the range of options open to them and our frank assessment of the accompanying risks. We take time to understand your aims and your ethos so we can tailor our advice to fit with your preferred approach to life.

SafeEmploy is the name of our ongoing annual retainer arrangements in respect of employment/HR support. View our SafeEmploy page for further details.

Joanna Lada-Walicki: 01483 464216

Ben Collingwood: 01483 464204