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Divorce – Overseas Advice

If you are an expatriate, living or working overseas, you may just as easily be able to divorce through the courts of England and Wales if you have the relevant connections. Different courts around the world apply different awards, therefore being an expat and divorcing through English courts may bring time, financial and other settlement benefits to you. We can do this for you as quickly and easily as if they were living here.

As an expatriate you may feel isolated living abroad when your relationship or marriage has broken down. We are here to support you and can act quickly to ensure that you are given advice swiftly in order to consider your options.

We have particular expertise in helping our clients divorce in key expat locations such as the UAE, the Far East and the USA as well as many other countries. In acting for expatriate clients all over the world, we have built up expertise on the laws of many different countries. It is essential that, if you are living overseas as an expat, you work with a solicitor who has specialist legal knowledge in dealing with the overlap between the different countries and someone who knows how best to ensure a good outcome for your situation. Our team has extensive experience in cross-border divorce, dealing with the financial claims that can arise from separation, resolving the issues for children and deciding the most suitable jurisdiction where divorce proceeding should be conducted, if there is a choice.

Being the UK legal partner of Ecovis, an International network based in 60 countries across the world, adds strength and knowledge of the law in your local country. Between our large team and our International connections any issues that might arise with time differences between England and other countries are minimised.

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