Our Services


Our Services

Would you like to resolve your dispute as cost effectively and speedily as possible? You need to consider using the services of a mediator.

Why choose us?

Our partner David Foster is an experienced mediator with a national reputation. David’s record as a mediator is excellent: Of the mediations in which David has mediated, settlement has been reached in more than 90% of them.

Our expertise

Mediation is an appropriate tool for resolving a considerable variety of disputes. We have acted on:

  • Inheritance disputes
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Disputes over goods and services
  • The validity of non-competition covenants
  • Property disputes
Why choose mediation?

The courts are keen to see opposing parties resolve their disputes without resorting to formal litigation and are actively encouraging the use of mediation.

Mediations are confidential, something which can help to protect the privacy and reputation of those involved. They can be held at short notice wherever is most convenient and mediators are able to propose creative solutions beyond those available to the courts.

Please contact: David Foster on 01483 464243 and he will be happy to discuss with you whether your dispute is suitable for mediation and the likely cost.