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Parent contract & complaints

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The basis of the relationship between the school and its parents is the Parent Contract which may include various rules and procedures in addition to the core terms and conditions.

It is essential that independent schools have a robust Parent Contract and that both the school and parents are confident in their ability to enforce the terms when necessary. It is the foundation of a healthy and productive school/parent relationship. The existence of a properly conceived contract is also the starting point for achieving the school’s preferred outcomes in matters such as: payment of fees, admissions/exclusions, data protection and making operational changes.

We have extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and updating Parent Contracts, including in relation to the enforcement of terms and the developing consumer rights landscape.

We will also support you in formulating and implementing your Complaints Procedure to meet regulatory requirements and will advise of the legal risks associated with specific complaints. Early involvement enables us to protect the school’s position and interests throughout the process and beyond.