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Powers of Attorney

General & Enduring Powers of Attorney

If a friend or relative has made a power of attorney the document will state who has been appointed as the attorney.

A power of attorney creates the authority to act on behalf of the person giving the power, often known as the "donor". There are several types of powers of attorney, the most straight forward one being a general power to manage financial affairs and property. This is a useful power of attorney to cover a temporary absence abroad, for example. A general power of attorney would no longer be valid if the donor loses capacity through age or infirmity.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (which can no longer be made, but which if already in existence can still be used) or Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Affairs survive incapacity but can be used only once registered with the Court of Protection if the donor has become incapacitated. It is also possible to nominate attorneys to make decisions about health and welfare under a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.

Our lawyers are very experienced in drafting the appropriate documents and making the necessary registrations with the Court of Protection. We understand that this is often a very difficult time for families and take a sensitive approach to make the process as simple as possible.